Your Journey

The Monogram Homes Experience

Our philosophy is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling worry-free throughout your entire home building journey.

Our goal is to never build the same home twice.

1. Introduction to Monogram Homes

Your first meeting will be with Bob. He will discuss with you the philosophy of Monogram Homes. You will get your first glimpse of how your home building journey will be and can tell Bob the vision of your dream home.

2. Design Ideas

Your second meeting will be with one of our designers, where you will discuss your design ideas with her. After your meeting she will take your ideas and create a home designed for your lifestyle .

3. Design Review

Once she has completed the drawing, you will meet with us again to review your true custom home on our 3-D design software. This will be a virtual tour. A representation of what your completed home will look like.

4. Price Review

After you confirm your design, we will meet with you to show you the pricing of your true custom Monogram Home.

5. Make an Investment

After finalizing your dream home to be exactly what you envisioned, you will come into our office and sign an agreement committing to let Monogram Homes build your true custom home.

Our Goal Is To Provide You A True Custom Home