From the first time we met with owner Bob Seaton, we were impressed with his professionalism and attentiveness to understand what we wanted out of a new home. He sat down with us and paid attention to what we wanted, then he came back to us with a plan that had turned our ideas into almost exactly what we wanted. With a few minor tweaks, we were on our way to building our custom home.

As plans were put into motion to begin construction, Bob kept us up-to-date on the work that was being done and what the next steps were for bringing our dream to reality. He was always responsive to our phone calls, emails, and seemingly never-ending questions from people who were first-time home builders.

Once the home was finished, we were thrilled to see how what we had sketched out months ago on paper was now our perfect home, thanks to Bob and his team. I would definitely utilize Monogram to build another home – and with the professionalization and attentiveness I know I would receive, I am certain it would be another wonderful place to call home.