What was the deciding factor in choosing us to build your home?
We had previously built with another builder and knew that we were looking for something different in a builder the second time around. We wanted a builder whose engagement model was mature and clearly defined. Having lived in our previous home for over 25 years, we had spent a significant amount of time designing our new home in our head and we knew that our requirements were going to be very specific. The “what we would do different if we built again” scenario also made us very self-aware, we are two IT Managers who are accustomed to results, we knew we required a builder who placed high-value on process, delivery, and the customer experience. During our initial meeting with Monogram it became crystal clear that their building process would be structured and well managed, thus reducing our stress and improving our overall experience.

What was your favorite part about working with Monogram Homes?
The Monogram experience ensures that you are actively engaged, this experience and working with a small business that is family owned made all the difference in the world for us.

What part of your home building journey did you enjoy the most? (example: designing/selections/watching it come to life/etc.)
We were extremely lucky to be in very close proximity to the new home, watching the daily changes to our home, and the efficiency at which the Monogram team executed on the project made our building experience very enjoyable and virtually stress free. To that end, most people would say that receiving the keys to their new home was the best part of the journey, but for us it was a bittersweet moment. Our decision to build with Monogram was a life-changing event, and one that we thoroughly enjoyed, and the realization that it had came to an end was bittersweet.

Would you recommend Monogram Homes to another family looking to build? Why?
Absolutely! Working with Monogram was a great experience! As a family owned business, knowing that our foreman was invested in our success was a key differentiator.

What room are you looking most forward to spending time in? (what room so far have you enjoyed the most)
I’m not certain that any one room stands out as a favorite, there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t simply walk through our Monogram home and feel grateful for what Monogram delivered.

Are there any features of the home that are particularly special to you? Has a special reason as to why you wanted this specific feature?
Our home is a culmination of 25 years of “what we would do different if we built again” and Monogram and their team delivered on our dreams. From the very first night, our new house felt like a home! The soft archways, the hardwood floors, and the open concept create a warm, welcoming experience for our family, our friends, and ourselves.

-John M. / Dwayne S.