We recently received the keys to our newly custom built home by Monogram Homes. We came across Monogram a year ago while driving around a neighborhood that we were very interested in. When we noticed how many build signs were out for them… we figured they must be a good company to work with. With that we made a phone call and scheduled an appointment with Bob Seaton.

During our meeting with Bob he spoke about the company and walked us through the building process. After meeting with Bob, it did not take us long to decide this was who we wanted to build our dream home. Next we met with Daniel Baker the artist behind our vision. She listened to what we wanted in our home and created it digitally… the first time we saw our vision in front of us… we had to hold back tears.

Once everything was laid out and contracts signed (no turning back now), we began a series of design meetings. These were a little stressful; however the Monogram team was beyond patient as we picked out our style. Next was construction where we worked with Aaron Seaton. We have never met a guy so even-keeled, especially working within the construction industry. Every email sent had a quick response and we never got the feeling that we were becoming “that customer”. All of the con tractors that we came across while visiting the house were very kind and the job site was always clean and orderly.

We are so grateful to have had this experience and even more grateful that Monogram Homes made it a wonderful one! If you are searching for a house that you can truly call YOUR home then build with Monogram Homes!

– Sowd Family